Retail brand AESOP's new store design at I.T. Hysan One in Hong Kong

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As retail brands go, AESOP have built a formidable reputation on the back of their stunning store designs, and the latest installation on display within Hong Kong’s I.T Hysan One flagship store continues the theme.

The latest remarkable architectural retail space is the work of Hong Kong-based Cheungvogl Architects.

The retail space has been created as a temporary pop-up installation. Cheungvogl were “influenced by a black and white image of hundreds of floating lanterns, for which they created an exhibition space with a delicate luminosity. Eight hundred resin boxes were arranged atop steel rods of varying lengths, creating the sense that each unit was ascending at its own pace, as if being drawn upward by an invisible thread. The overall work is enclosed by a translucent fabric with only one side being open to the street. Lighting is dim, creating an intimate atmosphere, interrupting the street life and landscape of the surrounding retail environment. Now past its temporary installation, the work is being reformed as a permanent counter on the first floor of the I.T Hysan One.”

A challenge for all retail brand design is standing-out in a crowded and very busy environment. In a large retail space such as I.T Hysan One, where the visual landscape is crowded with all manner of shapes and colours – the monochromatic colour scheme of the AESOP installation is as well considered and effective as it is beautiful to look at.

All images courtesy of Cheungvogl.

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