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Having just spent three weeks in California over the holiday period, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wide array of creative expressions seen in the every day.  From the impressive graffiti and street art in San Francisco, to the high end museums and art galleries in Los Angeles, there was something for everyone.  On my travels, I came cross a truly unique creative project which I wanted to share. Creative Future is a creative publication and art project, featuring some of the most talented and inspiring individuals in the art and design industry.  The purpose behind the project was to create a handcrafted quality product that’s not only a creative publication, but also an artwork in itself.

Creative Future first launched in September 2010 by 18 year old Danish art student, Christian Andersen.  Recently interviewed for Cool Hunting, Anderson gave some insights into the reasons behind the magazine and the creative process.  Working out of his room in his parents’ basement, Andersen spends “hours upon hours” creating what he thinks of more as an art project than a magazine, with a goal to “inspire and lift the creative spirits within.” Having just released the second edition, Andersen is very much the major operating act behind each issue, but says that, overall, “Creative Future is really a collaborative project, because it’s formed by everyone who’s been a part of the creative process since the first pencil line was drawn.”

When the team create an issue of Creative Future they go through a long process, choosing the right materials for the issue. Every magazine they have put out so far has literally been put together by hand. And that’s one of the major reasons why they think each magazine is an artwork in itself. None of them are exactly the same. Besides that, the artist responsible for the main feature of each issue gets the chance to design the cover and an exclusive item for the project. In this issue Aaron De La Cruz hand-painted 50 limited puzzles to include in Issue #2, all hand-numbered and signed in his studio in San Francisco. Anderson feels it is those kinds of things that makes Creative Future special.

It’s not just another magazine featuring a couple of articles and interviews. The team put hours upon hours into the small details of each the issue, by experimenting with different design techniques, types of paper and packaging. That is also why they don’t set a specific release date for our publications before they are 100% satisfied with the content and look. They don’t want to compromise if it affects the quality of the publication.

The publication is a perfect example of how important it is to truly love what you do, and how magical passion can be when allowed to prosper.  The Creative Future team are looking to create a truly unique and memorable brand with a product that does more than simply exist.  It seeks to inspire its readers to be more.

If you want some advice on how you can bring something exceptional into your brand, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects

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