The Top 5 Issues Brand Developers face in the ever-changing Digital Landscape

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The ever-changing digital reality for Brand Communications – 60 Seconds on the Net
Recently a friend emailed me this iconographic of what’s happening every 60 seconds in the online world. The numbers are seriously noteworthy, especially for someone who works in the brand space day-in and day-out. What was equally of interest was how these numbers have changed since we last looked at them just six months ago.

The way in which brands connect into the ever-changing behaviour of consumers in the digital space needs to be front on mind as brand strategies are developed for 2012 and beyond.

The stand-outs for me in the current infographic are:
• First and foremost the most significant impression I get is Integration. No longer is the digital world just about web sites, blogs, etailing and social media. More than ever before the digital world is seen in a broader context of customer behavior. Whether you work in retail, B2C or any part of B2B, you must get your head around the way your customers and clients integrate digital into their consideration, selection and buying decision making process.
• Love it or hate it, PayPal is becoming the standard for non-direct online payment. The perception of security through an additional layer between buyer and seller continues to resonate with customers online.
• The way we communicate has reached the tipping point. The days of phone, email and face-to-face communication have evolved to also include facebooking, SMS and Instant Messaging of all sorts.
• Welcome to the concept of e-Waste – yup, even the internet has an impact on the global environment. Those businesses who position themselves as being environmentally conscious will need to get and understanding of the concept of e-Waste before it sneaks up and bites them in the brand.
• The more than 1000 smart phones and device sold each seconds is another powerful indicator of the way we are absorbing information – another challenge for brands of every shape and size. And with around ten times the number of smart Apple devices sold over Blackberry, the post-Jobs tech brand is set to continue its role as major influencer of the way we interface our lives through technology.

And here’s the graphic from just six months ago:

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Brand in the Digital Space and Beyond
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