Unique Brand Rituals – What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

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The Pulling Power of Brand Rituals
To be successful, all brands must develop a culture that builds-upon their differentiated proposition with all they do each and every day. Brands able to create unique and engaging ‘rituals’ performed by their people create an indisputable brand property to leverage in the battle to win customers and their loyalty.

As Icelandic premier league football team Stjarnan have proved, a unique and surprising ritual is often the difference between fame and obscurity. As far as football teams go on the world stage, Stjarnan are far from a household name – yet they’ve successfully built a brand and major international awareness as a result of their uniquely creative and entertaining goal scoring rituals.

Of the thousands of football clubs who compete every week around the globe, one has chosen to build a ritual that stands-out from the crowd. Stjarnan is not the wealthiest club, it can’t boast international super stars or mass media interest. Like most brands the world over, Stjarnan had to find a way to disproportionately create an impression relative to their budget and market share. A brand ritual provides a platform for rich brand story telling both within an organization and between customers and those with the potential to become customers.

Even in a white kit (the brand equivalent of a packaging re-design) the brand ritual still provides consistency…

The result is a reminder and an inspiration to brand owners and marketers of every description; seek to create a unique and engaging ritual for your brand – one that captures the imagination of your market and builds a buzz about your business.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands Rituals

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