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Slovakia may not be a country renowned for sophisticated branding innovation, but designers Plural and Total Studio have come-up with an engaging and intuitive brand space for book store Alexis.

Alexis, a bookshop and coffee bar in Bratislava, Slovakia has been conceived to create a flexible space which sells books as well as holding collateral events. the interior is comprised of a series of stepped platforms which double as seating and parallels two continuous bookshelf walls. the auditorium arrangement is suitable for projections, readings, small scale concerts, and workshops with the intention of creating a distinction between firmly established booksellers.

Customers begin in the entry at ground level and gradually rise through the volume towards the elevated cafe and gallery. Individuals choose from the selection and then sit, read and relax next to the shelves. displayed upon mobile stands, new titles and best sellers are integrated into the floor plan. Permanent program elements such as the storage, deposit, office and restroom are placed below the stepped floor, accessible from a staircase within the elevated cafe.

The best brand spaces are invariably those that combine the skills, talent and experience of a qualified branding agency with those of a specialist retail interior design agency. The ability to clearly define a brand’s proposition and personality, develop a rich palette of visual brand identity cues, and then hand that to an interior design agency to translate and express in the third dimension is a highly valuable process few retail brands invest in. The result is always an extraordinary brand space, that although requiring considerable investment in the first place, provides the platform for multi-store growth of a brand with real differentiation.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Stand-Out Retail Brand Spaces
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All images courtesy total studio

authors: martin jančok (plural), aleš šedivec (totalstudio)
graphic design: marcel benčík
client: ladon, s.r.o.
structural engineering: geostat
carpenter: treeman
total floor area: 170m²
  šymon kliman, tomáš amtmann, martin jančok, aleš šedivec

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