The importance of living your brand's essence

At Truly Deeply, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients bring their brands alive.  At the heart of this, is a firm belief that to be truly effective, every brand touchpoint must be reflective of the brand’s essence.   A brand’s essence, is a single thought that encapsulates the soul of who that brand is.  It expresses clearly what the brand stands for in a simple and powerful manner and it underpins the fundamental promise to clients.  This promise is one of its most important assets and one that needs to be leveraged across all customer touch points.  For most, the essence is never explicitly communicated unlike a corporate or campaign tagline, but is rather the thought behind its actions.  This thought drives every aspect of the brand.  One brand who is particularly skilled at living its essence, is Britain’s T-Mobile.

Telecommunications provider, T-Mobile believes that ‘Life is for Sharing’.  Their product and service offerings are all focussed at helping their customers share their lives with their friends and family. As such T-Mobile’s advertising campaigns are always centred around ‘sharing’.  Two perfect examples of this, was their 2011 campaign, The T-Mobile Royal Wedding and the more recent, What Britain Loves campaign.

Both campaigns embody what T-Mobile are seeking to do day in and day out for their customers, give them the ability to share their lives with their loved ones.  They do this by offering products that enable them to capture the moment through the latest technology and offering service packages that are designed at making sharing these moments affordable.

I think there is an opportunity for many brands to learn from the T-Mobile experience.  I would encourage all brands to have a look at their own communications and ask themselves this, does this piece embody who we are?  Does it live up to our brand promise? If not, then I would suggest that your communication may not be working as hard for you as perhaps it should.

If you would like to talk about how to help your communication live up to its promise, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects 

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