The Potential Power of Brand Colour – Cinemetrics Software Visualizes Films

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The Powerful Cues of Complex Colour Combinations
A computer application created by Netherlands-based designer Frederic Brodbeck, ‘Cinemetrics‘ is exploring an innovative way of visualizing movie data, creating a ‘colour fingerprint’ or ‘barcode’ for films.

Brodbeck explains: ‘I wanted to use the movie itself as a source of data, to see what sort of information can be extracted from it, to find ways of visualizing it and to create the necessary tools to do this. since motion pictures are a time-based medium, they can only be seen one image at a time– only as a fraction, never as a whole. [‘cinemetrics’ involves] extracting and analyzing information–such as the editing structure, use of colors, speech or motion– and transforming them into graphic representations, so that movies can be seen as a whole and easily be interpreted or compared […] both in print and digital media.



For me the power of this concept is in the way it explores the use of colour to create an evocative sense of a memory, and experience, a place and time. When it comes to creating brand identities we seek to leverage every possible visual cue to create a similarly evocative sense of the values and strategic positioning of the brand. But what if the brand colour palette could be more complex in such a way as to evoke a powerful, subconscious response by connecting the brand image with a positive association. Now that really would be an impressive feat of brand design.

For now this remains an interesting experiment in the ability of our mind to reconstruct a sense of an experience by the use colour alone. But this is something we’ll be exploring further during 2012 in the Truly Deeply brand design lab.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Brand Visuals

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