The secret to a truly brilliant branded app

For anyone who has ever been to a fashion show, I am sure they are all too familiar with the disappointment of returning home to review the photos of the day, only to find your IPhone full of blurry snapshots that vaguely resemble a person.  To combat this, the team at Made (formerly MAC & Milk) have designed a new revolutionary app. The Made Fashion app uses technology developed with Sonicnotify to streamline the way designers, editors, buyers and consumers experience fashion shows and presentations.

Here’s what it does, in bullet points because technology is confusing:
• While you’re at a Made fashion show, the app somehow recognises sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear and automatically syncs your phone/iPad to what show you’re at. Seriously.
• Professional photos of each look appear on your phone/iPad in real time as they go down the runway through a live feed from a photographer stationed at the show.
• The designer’s name, bio and contact information (for sales and PR) are also immediately available.
• You can ‘favorite’ and take notes on each individual look, or the show as a whole, and instantly email those notes to yourself or whomever you want.
• You can also instantly save, tweet, facebook or email any individual look once it appears on your phone/iPad
• For presentations, all of the looks will instantly be downloaded once you enter the room in which the presentation is taking place.

And just in case that wasn’t enough to excite you, the app is available for iPads, iPhones and Androids and will have other features that you can take advantage of while in Made Fashion Week venues, like a schedule and songs you can download during live performances. Also pretty amazing: the app works even if you’re not physically at the show. It works the same if you’re watching a livestream, which means you can confuse your friends and tweet real time photos from anywhere. The possible side effect of this amazing new app is everyone at a runway show having their noses in their phones and no one watching the actual models.

The app is important for two reasons; firstly, not only because of what it does, but also because of what it signifies, which is another step in the fashion industry’s slow, but increasingly steady embrace of technology. I think this is only the beginning of fashion and technology coming together to make everyone’s lives easier and more productive and we can’t wait to see what’s next.  Secondly, this app is the perfect example of what an app should be; informative, actually useful and relevant to its audience.  So many apps today have no real value, especially those brought out by brands.  And even if they are so lucky as to have value added in, its rarely connected to its own brand or product offering.

To be truly effective, an app should play to what the brand already does, but exploit the medium of today’s technology.  It should present the viewer with a valuable experience, one that adds true value to their lives. Rather than simply finding a way to amuse them, brands should focus on answering a customer need, one they may not have even known they had.  Mobile users want branded apps that are useful, not just marketing.  If a brand is successful, the app could prove to be an incredibly powerful asset and one that will give them a huge boost in brand awareness and reputation.

If you want help brainstorming ideas around creating your own brand app, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects 

Originally spotted on Fashionista.

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