What the real estate industry can learn from hospitality about branding

We work across many industries, each with their own brand challenges, but it can also be interesting to look beyond the sector for a fresh perspective.

That’s why I was interested when I heard a successful restaurateur had some tasty tips for the real estate industry.

Property and hospitality might seem very different worlds but both can be extremely cut throat and there’s a winning recipe that needs to be shared.

In a recent interview, Chris Smith from Inman News, spoke to Danny Meyer, New York City restaurateur and best selling author, about what the real estate industry can learn from the restaurant industry.

For some time, we’ve been saying that doing things the way you’ve always done is virtually guaranteed to get you less than you always got – but it’s not about just about doing something different.

Danny believes that the explosion of the digital world means that even great ideas are not enough; as the world is moving so fast it is forgotten before you’ve had time to claim it.

The real differentiation comes from how you make your customers feel.

“The more high-tech we get, the more high-touch companies need to get”, explains Danny.

Danny Meyer Interview (click here for external link to interview)

For me, this is a bit of reality check. Short-term attention grabbing tactics can actually dilute your message. While it is important to continue find innovative ways to deliver your message through digital (and traditional) channels, everything you do needs to deliver a consitent and compelling brand experience that your customers will cherish.

In a tough market, such as the one we’re currently experiencing, making sure you have the right brand expertise to ensure your brand continues to cut through but also truly connects emotionally with your customers is more crucial than ever.

Michael Hughes
Director of Brand Strategy

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