Air New Zealand – The Kiwi Sceptics

The Kiwi Sceptics is part tourism campaign, part airline campaign and part dig at stubborn Aussies. The premise is to take Australians with unfavorable opinions of New Zealand and trick them into traveling across the ditch to change their minds. It is a lovely case of well executed brand story telling, twisting cliches and misconceptions, all told through the eyes of characters that are easily related to and reflecting stereotypes that are at times scarily honest (for an Aussie). The campaign is by Air New Zealand, but you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a New Zealand tourism piece, which is an interesting platform, leveraging creative brand positioning, Air New Zealand is promoting and supporting their own national identity, their own people and their own culture, which is a lot more than some national carriers some can boast.

In this changing economic and brand landscape it is important to adapt, if the Qantas saga is anything to go by, airlines are a facing challenging times, increased labor cost, fuel prices and timid consumer spending. It seems we are seeing the start of a new playing field. It is reminiscent of the rise of file sharing, in-particular the pirated music revolution. The likes of Sony and Warner Music would be in a different situation now if they had of adapted to the changing landscape of music distribution, and created the largest, most user friendly and most importantly, free, music file sharing site, rather than spending on law suits and fighting change. What they would have lost in short terms sales they would have gained in long term brand equity, by creating a direct marketing line with their customers, building a wealth of information on consumer buying habits and unique insights into marketing trends. Not to mention the ability to promote company friendly Artists and products.

Check out the two of the videos from The Kiwi Sceptics, click here to watch The Hipster episode, and here for The Europhile, they are “Choice as, Bro”.

Lachlan McDougall

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