Branding 101 – You can’t be all things to all people

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Less is More Branding
As a brand strategy, brand identity and brand communications design agency when spend most of our lives helping brand owners gain clarity around their most effective positioning in their market and how to communicate that positioning to those most responsible for their business success. One of the most common issues we uncover are brands so intent on being relevant, that in their attempt to mean something to everyone, they inadvertently end-up meaning nothing to anyone.

The 80:20 Rule of Branding
Much of the process of strategic brand definition is about deciding what your brand will not be – which customers are not worth attracting in order to focus your proposition on those who will deliver the most value to your business. In these times of amplified brand importance, often the only substantial differentiator between products A, B and C is their brand perception in the minds of the consumer.

The concept of a clear and targeted brand proposition is simple enough, but as a manager of brands, do you have the discipline to avoid the temptation of being all things to all people?

If you’d like some help gaining this level of clarity around where your brand’s potency lies, we’d be only too happy to sit down with you over a coffee for a couple of hours and set you on your way.

Photography: Terres Compromises’ by Matthieu Gafsou, 2010


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