Colours that reflect your mood

Pentagram have just released a new book that visually represents colours and their respective moods. In true Pentagram style the book, ‘Today I’m Feeling Turquoise‘ is beautifully designed relying simply on bold typography and, well colour. With pages like canary yellow representing mindless positivity, or brown characterising indifference, it’s a fun book that’s a pleasure to view.

The colours on each page of the book bleed to the edge, making it simple to flick to a colour quickly, and see if it correlates with your mood. More than just red meaning anger and green envy, Pentagram have gone beyond the obvious to look at a wider colour spectrum including midnight blue (inscrutability), pink (laughing on the inside, crying on the outside) and purple (self-obsession).

This is a fun look at colour and comes at an interesting time as brands such as Telstra extend their┬ácore colour range. The new colour range represents a revised brand positioning for Telstra – Life in Full Colour and a brand promise to speak to its audience in an everyday, easy to understand language. By having such a recognised (and simple) brandmark they can get away with it. We all still know it’s Telstra and that’s the first step.┬áLove it or hate it, only time will tell how this change may impact the Telstra brand equity.



If you can get your hands on a copy of the book, I think it would make a perfect coffee table addition.

If you want to talk colour, repositioning or anything else brand, we’d love to hear from you.

Originally spotted on Coolhunting.

Sandy Muir
Director of Brand Projects
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