Innovative product with advertising to match

Mercedes Benz has developed their latest F-Cell model vehicle which emits zero emissions. Boasting an electric motor that produces 30 percent more power while consuming 30 percent less fuel compared with the last F-Cell development, Mercedes has pushed themselves again in an attempt to provide “a future of mobility that’s unconstrained by range anxiety, nonrenewable fuels or worrisome emissions.”

Mercedes aren’t new to innovating and have had a focus to reduce the impact of their vehicles on the environment for years. However with regulations from the EU hoping to pass a requirement for dramatic reductions in carbon emissions in the very near future Mercedes are ensuring they are ready if and when the regulations pass. Currently the new model has limited availability, with less than 100 vehicles leased to customers in USA, Europe, Singapore and Japan. However Mercedes are anticipating being able to offer a fuel-cell car to the general public as early as 2015.

The advertising that accompanies the release of this model is on par with the innovation of the product itself. The TVC that has recently been released features the new F-Cell model covered in sheets of LED lights. A camera is then attached to the side of the car broadcasting a live image back onto the LED’s making the side of the car reflect the environment. The effect is that the car looks invisible, as if you can see directly through to the other side. Not only is this a really cool effect, it absolutely ties in to the product benefits. It reinforces the message of zero emissions rather than overshadowing it.

The TVC strengthens the product message in a memorable manner whilst staying on brand for Mercedes. It’s a slick, beautifully executed campaign that highlights the premium positioning and focus on innovation that Mercedes has.

An innovative product needs communication methods to match. If you’re looking to add some innovation to your communication strategies, we’d love to hear from you.

Sandy Muir
Director of Brand Projects
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