Inverting your brand – The 718 Cyclery

Facade of the 718 Cyclery

Today I discovered some great brand thinkers who happen to be bike mechanics. 178 Cyclery in Brooklyn have inverted the process of buying a bike. Rather then selling you something from the stock they have in store or what they can order from their supplier, they accompany and guide you on a process of discovery and learning tailoring a custom bike that is as unique as you are.

Now most decent bike shops will engage you in a short process of inquiry, to find out what model of their’s will suit you. 178 turned that on its head. Through a collaborative, on line – off line journey they build up a vision of what your new bike should and can be.

Then things get really interesting. Their collaboration takes things to a new level where they invite you to the build of the bike. You are not only invited to watch, but to actually get involved, to even build the bike yourself! A moment of truly magical brand theatre. Getting hands on, learning about the process, the theory, the very mechanism that is a bike bonds the rider to the bike and the brand in a whole new way.

Joe from 718 explains it best himself:

Now it’s clear Joe loves bikes and loves to build bikes, but he also loves to share, to take his customer on a journey. As he says himself, they’re not giving away anything to precious here, no mysteries of bike building IP. But by demystifying a daunting process and expressing themselves with love and care they’ve tapped into a kind brand magic most companies only dream of.

Does you brand need some love? Come talk to us about tipping things over to release your brands magic.

Derek Carroll
Design Director

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