Fashion Branding – Shopping the Runway with the L'oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Over the past weekend and the coming days I will be enjoying all that is glittery and glamourous at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and as such, I couldn’t resist writing a blog dedicated to it.  Earlier this year, I posted a blog on the truly brilliant MADE iPhone  app, and last week I noticed that LMFF in partnership with Westfield shopping centre have gone one step further with their Shop the Runway app.

LMFF’s new Shop the Runway tool provides users with access to imagery, videos and stockist information from a smartphone or PC directly after attending a runway show.  This allows any attendee to virtually shop and share their favourite fashion and beauty looks via Facebook or Twitter instantly. Unlike the MADE app, this new app allows users to shop by event, designer or beauty look or find their local stockist so they can shop in store directly from their phone.

For those who aren’t too app savvy, Westfield also have a Shop the Runway website or E-Boutique where fashionistas can select a designer to start shopping, watch the shows or shop a collection.  Between the site and app, runway attendees can literally shop this season’s looks fresh off the runway.  This wonderful partnership does what so many apps promise to do but fail to deliver, they provide real value to customers.  From someone who watched first hand how many attendees had their iPhones out throughout the runway, apps like this are sure to be a real hit and a competitive advantage for those brave enough to get on board.  Not only do they allow attendees to actually enjoy and relive the show by freeing them up from snapping away, but it gives them a very simple and easy to use tool for purchase post attendance.  It’s a positive brand experience all round.

If you want to know more about how you can add value to your customers, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects 







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