Nike FuelStation Reinventing Retail Space and Product Interaction

Nike FuelStation at Boxpark London
Nike continues to push retail space design and customer experience with the first FuelStation launched in Boxpark London. A retail space that is like no other, the space invites the digitally enabled athlete to interact with the Nike brand. The retail design has a fine balance of innovative digital interactivity and product experience. Created as a pop-up retail outlet, the entire retail space has been created from shipping containers. See more after the jump.

As you can see from the video above, Nike certainly are not holding back on the retail design and retail experience when fitting out this retail space. With a LCD wall that can take a pixelated snapshot of  a persons body outline while they dance around, a running machine that assists the Nike retail staff in fitting shoes and iPads embedded on all of the walls to offer you an interactive catalogue to help you shop. By creating several interactive Nike brand touch points within the FuelStations retail space, the customer is taken into several layers of Nike brand immersion.

Nike’s FuelStation was created to link with the launch of Nikes+Fuel Band and expand on Nikes+ product and digital online community offering. If you haven’t seen or heard of the Nike+ online community go and have a look. Nike is enhancing its product digital interaction with the creation of an online community Nike+. For a better understanding of what Nike is doing with the Fuel Band and Fuel Station, below is a great brand insight created by Dezeen.


As we have stepped through Nikes new pop-up retail design, product offering and online community, we begin to see a seamless end-to-end brand immersion playing out. To be honest it has been awhile since I have seen anything from Nike that has half interested me. My opinion has changed though, if this is the first real glimpse of what Nike is intending to do more of, it could be the beginning of the new era of retail design and customer interaction.

Tim Wood
Design Creative

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