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Karl Lagerfeld + HPP Architects latest retail project – The pop-up Schwarzkopf lightbox
The Schwarzkopf lightbox is a striking temporary hair salon that has just popped-up in Düsseldorf, Germany. A collaboration between German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and HPP architects, the Schwarzkopf lightbox reflects the next generation of pop-up where the striking design of the structure belies its temporary existence. Spanning two storeys, the reusable and recyclable mobile structure was constructed in just four weeks.

The store’s exterior design features an interchangeable facade which has been back-lit with 60 light panels, each with a silhouettes of a model. The graphic design has been influenced by Lagerfeld’s ‘Music lovers’ photo exhibition and the Schwarzkopf’s brand identity. And like all effective brand communications design, the visual language reflects the beauty services provided in the salon.

The scale of the structure is impressive, with the main entrance standing at 10.8 meters tall, and a building footprint of 15 meters by 11 meters creating 300 square meters of usable space. The pop-up concept includes the installation of illuminated benches along the pathways of the surrounding park which lead to the cafe located in the salon for visitors and customers.

With brands in fashion, retail and many other categories investing more and more time, creative energy and budget into creating unique and memorable brand experiences, old school pop-up has become passe. It requires a genuinely remarkable pop-up experience like this one to capture the kind of interest and create the level of buzz that owners and managers of brands are seeking.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brand Innovations

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