Sneak peek at Dominos new Australian retail brand spaces

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Dominos New Eat-In Concept Store
Domios Pizza are set to introduce an all new menu featuring organic ingredients and fresh salads. The new menu has been designed to suit a shift to eat-in restaurants with open kitchens so you can see everything being made. Each store is being carbon audited – so a design approach that included recycled materials was part of the brief. With the Dominos share price continuing to climb, it seems that the worse the economy gets, the more fast food people eat – Dominos is trying to make fast food healthier.

It seems Dominos CEO Don Meij was underwhelmed when he spied the new store design that is to be rolled-out in the US. Like all of the best brand managers working with global brands, Don has a strong intuition for where and when global template will work for his market, and where and when it wont.

Don is something of a legend – very popular with the thousands of Dominos staff. He began working as a pizza delivery driver whilst studying to be a high school teacher, then ended up owning and running 17 franchised stores – he was Ernst & Young Australian Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2004. Dominos currently have 520 shops, 70% of which are franchised, the rest are corporate owned – Don aims to have 1600 stores open in Aust, NZ and Europe within 20 years.

Dominos Australia engaged Brisbane architects Cottee Parker to develop a new branded environment for the local market, who in-turn commissioned Melbourne-based designer Brett Coelho to create a unique palette of furnishings that have become the signature of the new Dominos stores.

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Brett is well known for his works of art and furniture incorporating road signs and natural, recycled materials. He uses legally sourced road signs, timbers and steel to create custom lighting, artwork, furniture and installations with a refined, but industrial edge. Brett works with architects and designers on large and small scale projects that often achieve interesting and unexpected outcomes.

The Dominos tables and stools were made from weather tough galvanised and powdercoated steel combined with old roofing timbers, with an organic black stain. Dominos plan to refit their more than 500 stores in Aust and NZ and open new sites with this new eat-in concept.

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