Studio Recycle

It’s been a great start to the year for us, we’ve helped some great clients develop and create their brands, we’ve designed some new and exciting brand identities, we’ve got an awesome new coffee machine, some new friends moving in and the studio has got a long overdue clean out and a lick of fresh paint. As a result we’ve got lots of stuff, that while we no longer need it, still works and can certainly do the job for someone else. So we’re giving it away…


 Yep all this stuff has to go somewhere. We’re going to have it all properly disposed of, but first we thought we’d give you a chance to snag some if it. There’s Graphis annuals, Design Books, Design Mags, 2 working G5 Powermacs with older DTP software, one sick G5 iMac, a big old CRT cinema display, a rack cabinet, big and small filing cabinets, a heater, lot’s of folders, a coffee table, a lamp, some bean bags, hula-hoops, a safe and more. Some of this stuff is as good as new, some of it works, some of it needs some love. Take it as is, we make no guarantees or promises, but enough stuff here to set up a studio.

If you want any of it, email Emma, have a chat and arrange a time to come get it.

All the stuff




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