Aesop brand extension with personality

Aesop has teamed up with the french APC fashion brand to create an awesomely daring brand extension. Post Poo Drops! What appeared to many to be an April fools joke is an actual product, available from both APC and Aesop stores. As a continuation of the collaberation that created a special fabric wash they’ve gone on to extend into what I could only call luxury home care line.

Aesop APC Post Poo Drops


I really love the copy writing, it captures what could be awkward or stuffy with a freshness that rings true for the Aesop brand, even if the product might seem a stretch for the brand. Have a read:

Aesop APC Post Poo Drops Label

By going to the extreme of a product extension they also open up the opportunities to create more fun and interesting products without suffering the kind of brand dilution others suffer. It will now seem like adventurous thinking rather than a grab for new markets, clever.

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Derek Carroll
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