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Yep, there’s no secret we love our food here at Truly Deeply, so cook books hold a dear place in our heart – especially when they’re well designed. Previously we’ve written about a beauty designed for Ikea, and this one created for the culinary and art focused publishing company, Gerstenberg Publishing House as a limited edition series might have just topped our list.

Created by German design studio Korefe, the ‘the real cookbook’ is an edible instruction manual for making a traditional style lasagna. The recipe is inscribed on pages made from sheets of fresh pasta, taking the reader through the steps necessary to make the dish. As the reader moves through the book, each page literally becomes a layer of the dish with the filling ingredients complementing the pages of fresh pasta.

Whilst we love this creative project for what it is, as a bunch of obsessive brand designers we couldn’t help but see it as an opportunity lost for a pasta or pasta sauce brand. Just imagine this lasagna book produced on a larger scale and distributed through Supermarkets for a limited time in order to promote the pasta credentials of a relevant brand. What a remarkable and buzz-worthy brand gesture that would be.

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All images courtesy of Korefe.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Delicious Brand Identities

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