Dirty Car Art – An Inspiring Blank Brand Canvas

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A Dirty Little Brand identity Obsession.
OK, I admit I spend waaay too much of my life eating, sleeping and thinking about brands and branding. A sure sign of brand obsession is when you find yourself seeing branding opportunities where the rest of the world see every-day life. And for me, painter Scott Wade’s dirty car art has provided today’s outlet for my obsession (that feels so much better…)

Where most people see amazing images created from dirty cars, I see a brand gesture crying-out for a brand to leverage it. In this case, we’re looking at the perfect opportunity for someone in the car-care business. Whether your run a car-wash franchise, a car detailing business or manufacture car cleaning products – this is a match made in brand heaven.

The art of brand building is about amassing a number of unique properties – visual, experiential, words and sounds, tastes and smells that you can own in the market. The more of these properties you own the greater the equity you build for your brand – equity which translates into recognition, stronger marketing results, customer loyalty and perceived brand value. Most importantly, this brand equity finds its way to the bottom line of your businesses balance sheet giving you a genuine return on investment to be realised at time of sale. In this example, Wade’s dirt car art is a powerfully unique visual language crying-out to be leveraged – and for a small to medium sized business with limited budget fro brand building activities, this type of thinking provides a disproportionate return on investment.

Painter Scott Wade has gained popularity for his skill in turning the dust of his native Texas, USA into the ideal material to depict detailed scenes using the rear windows of automobiles as his canvas. The formally trained artist typically employs the surfaces of cars belonging to he and his wife, though he often creates intricate works of art from the grime covering the vehicles belonging to strangers. Wade has developed a portfolio which features recreations of famous pieces including works such as Johan Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a pearl earring’, Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, in addition to portraits of contemporary popular figures such as footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Each elaborate piece is composed within the glass space framed by the body of the car using an assortment of paint brushes in combination with his hands. One painting may take the artist anywhere from forty minutes to four hours. Scott Wade’s canvas is wiped clean by rain or a slow degradation over time, leaving a fresh space for the artist to begin anew.

All images courtesy the artist.
Check more of Scott Wade’s work here.

We spotted this beauty on the Design Boom blog.

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