Truly Deeply joins E3 – the Premier Global Network of Independent Brand Strategy and Communications Agencies.

international marketing agency network

The Cream of International Brand Strategy & Communications Agencies.
Recently Truly Deeply founders Pete Singline and Dave Ansett attended E3’s annual general meeting in Prague to present the agency for consideration to be admitted into the prestigious E3 global network. As the premier global network of independent brand strategy and communication agencies, E3 consist of thirty specialist brand and communications agencies with offices in thirty five cities across twenty six countries – a truly global spread.

The collective cultural knowledge and vast range of specialist skills represented by E3 agencies provides clients all over the world with the right talent to meet the challenges of international marketing. Clients of E3 agencies have access to the knowledge and experience necessary to meet their brand and sales growth objectives for virtually any geographical market in Europe, North America and Asia in a simplifies, effective and unified manner. The combined E3 credentials represent the perfect combination of local and global, helping member agency clients to accelerate their time-to-market considerably.

Typically clients find a global approach to their marketing and communications needs simply does not work. People are different. The way we think, act and buy is not the same in Shanghai as it is in LA, Berlin or Singapore. So why should we settle for marketing products and services to global markets in the same way? Why must a message for a product or service be the same everywhere? In some countries, people view life more with a sense of humour, so they need to laugh and smile to connect to an offering, as rational as the underlying benefits may be. In other, presenting a strictly rational case is required, even for an emotional product.

For clients planning to expand their business into new geographic markets, or even those wishing to ensure they’ve given themselves the option to do so at a later date, E3 provides a truly unique opportunity to implement a global marketing strategy with local expertise.

E3 agencies are each successful in their respective markets. Admission to the network is through rigorous presentations to ensure the quality of all member agencies. Via the E3 network, member agencies form a close understanding of each others capabilities, areas of expertise and a thorough process of working together in collaboration without the need for costly international administrative infrastructure. E3 combines the right talent with the right experience, in the right places to meet the needs of the clients to effectively reach the right people with the right message in a fast and focused manner.

For us at Truly Deeply, this represents a thoroughly exciting opportunity to take our offer for our clients
to a significantly higher level.

We are now uniquely positioned to work with any clients considering launching their brand into new markets – whether those markets be in Asia (especially in Singapore, Malaysia, China and India), in North America and Canada, or into Europe. The combined local knowledge of our partner agencies in each of these markets provides a hugely valuable local expertise from market insights to marketing advice.
Further, our partner agencies have a range of specialized deep expertise that we are now able to draw upon.

This expertise includes:
• Employer/HR branding
• Business to Business branding and marketing
• Digital and New Media
• Mobile Marketing and App Development
• Social Media Marketing
Packaging Design
• PR Communication

As well as industry sector expertise including:
• Automotive
• Beauty
• Chemical & Agricultural
• Culture, Education, Media and Entertainment
• Energy
• Finance
• Food and Beverage
• Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
• IT
• Retail
• Transport
• Travel and Tourism
• Telecommunications

international brand agency network
part of a global agency network

Our E3 Partner Agencies.
Here’s a list of our E3 partner agencies – many of whom we got to meet and spend some time getting to know when in Prague recently.

Base One London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Berlin
Base One – London, London, Great Britain We construct brands that are optimised for deliver
within a B2B context through branding, communications and interactive.

AdsmithChina, Shanghai, China Adsmith China is a full service marketing communications
agency based in Shanghai, China.

Advertigo, Bucharest, Romania Our services span all media including outdoor, radio, TV or Internet.
We deal with print production but also we create radio, TV and Online advertising campaigns.

Aloft Group
Aloft Group, Newburyport, MA, USA  Aloft Group is a full-service, global brand-consulting firm
committed to helping lifestyle and health organizations attain leadership positions across countries.

Ansel-Möllers, Stuttgart, Germany  With a focus on public relations and events, Ansel & Möllers
bring an honest, trustworthy approach to brand management activities, publications and media relations.

Audacity, San Diego, CA, United States Audacity is the only branding + marketing
communications agency that builds high-performance life science brands.

BBC, Kontich, Belgium BBC has its roots in marketing communication consulting.
We still deal with our accounts from a strategic marketing and sales point of view.

Bernstein Werbeagentur
Bernstein, Bremen, Deutschland  An innovative agency offering strategic consulting,
brand management, corporate design, communications, publishing and packaging design.

Brand Matters Lab
Brand Matters Lab, Moscow, Russia  Brand Matters Lab (BMLab) helps companies, products
and services enter the Russian market by offering budget guidance, and sales and marketing support.

Bruketa-Zinic, Zagreb, Croatia  Bruketa&Zinic is one of the most awarded marketing
communications agencies in SE Europe with of over 300 international professional awards.

C&COM Advertising
C&COM Advertising, Prague, Czech Republic As one of the first local agencies in our region we help not
only Czech companies, but also foreign clients to execute their marketing activities in the Czech marketplace.

Café Design
Café Design, Budapest, Hungary Designers. We help to make the brands and products of our customers
stand out from the crowd.

Conzepta, Bolzano, Italy Conzepta is an Agency for integrated brand communications, settled in Bolzano,
Northern Itlay, since 1978.

Epoka, Krakow, Poland  Epoka is a 12-year old advertising agency that provides services in the broader
range of marketing communications.

Igriega, Barcelona, Spain Beyond the 360º to create Friendly brands.

Kirnauskis 2.0
Kirnauskis 2.0, Helsinki, Finland Advertising agency Kirnauskis, based in 1991 is a respected mid-sized
agency with a digital edge. We have experience in all fields of advertising and marketing communications.

Maitri, Chennai, India  Maitri is a 15-year-old, full-service advertising agency accredited by the
Indian Newspaper Society.

Mandate*, Singapore, Malaysia A competitive marketplace demands a coordinated approach that integrates
various communication disciplines and strategies.

MediaConsulting, Lisbon, Portugal Set up in 1996, Media Consulting works in the field of communication
consultancy, specializing in the creation and development of communications strategies tailored for the local market.

Netural Communication Wein & Linz
Netural Communication, Wien, Austria  Netural Communication is a leading agency for new medias, which
achieves outstanding results with creativity and know-how in the spheres of Internet based communications.

Preferendum, Paris, France  Preferendum, an agency born from sharing goals and beliefs
“The heart… It has far more emotion than it has reasoning”.

Quarry*, Ontario, Canada  We construct brands that are optimised for delivery within a
B2B context through branding, communications and interactive.

Recommended Finland
Recommended Finland, London, Great Britain Recommended Finland uses visual and
verbal communications to help B2B companies and public sector organizations succeed.

Recommended Sweden
Recommended Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden Creating a great business is about constantly redefining oneself.

SanderWerbung, Duisburg, Germany Sander Werbung helps customers to develop their business.

Schindler Parent
Schindler Parent, Meersburg, Germany

S’P’S Marketing
S’P’S Marketing, Linz, Austria We see ourselves as a driving force in the Business to Business area.

Tangram Zurich & Lichtenstein
Tangram, Zurich, Switzerland TANGRAM for Brands & Communication, a full service branding and
communication agency, was founded in 1991 by Ewald Frick.

Van Heertum Design VHD
Van Heertum Design VHD, Tilburg, Netherlands  With a motto of developing brand empowerment through
great design, Van Heertum’s “out-of-the-box” creativity and innovative know-how take brand and packaging.

You can find out more about E3 from their site.
And here’s a blog from the E3 site welcoming us aboard.

If you’ve been thinking about launching your brand into new geographical markets, or would like to sense test your strategy for the future, why not get in touch. We’d be only too happy to leverage the shared local expertise we now have available to help you de-risk and accelerate the process.


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