A stylish piece of stand-out fashion retail design – the All Saints store in Boston

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At first glance this retail store in the heart of Boston’s fashion precinct looks like any other until you notice that the windows are not filled with stock, but with antique sowing machines. On a strip where almost every inch of store frontage features one brand of fashion clothing after another in a kilometre long parade of well dressed mannequins, this approach creates a compelling and magnetic point of difference. But this is more than different for different sake.

In a powerful example of brand story telling the sowing machines reflect a sense of clothes-making craftsmanship and quality – such a valuable attribute for brands in today’s ‘make it China’ fashion economy.

Thanks to UK brand specialist Brent Anderson (@AndBrent) who gave us some background on All Saints and also provided this great pic of the two story All Saints store in Chicago.

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  1. Ridiculously cool… The kind of store where I am so blown away by the VM that I will buy anything… even if the sleeves are too short and it doesn’t fit.

    “Hey your shirt is too small…”

    “Yeah I bought it at this AWESOME shop with a wall full of sewing machines”.

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