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Nike, a Brand Making it Count.
Youtube film maker and HBO series producer Casey Neistat was asked by Nike to make a short film about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of making the movie, Casey spent the budget traveling around the world with his friend Max until the money ran out – it took ten days.

Whether this really was an act of rebellion or a well orchestrated piece of personality led brand storytelling is irrelevant. The film has a sense of freedom and adventure that provides the right measure of social credential by allowing Neistat freedom to do what he wanted to do and be who he wanted to be, whilst allowing Nike to leverage off his personal brand. The end result is 99% Neistat and 1% Nike – a critical part of the social media credibility equation which has seen the clip viewed nearly 5 million times and with more than 23,000 likes.

As the # gives-away, this film is part of a greater social media campaign from Nike, a brand becoming increasingly more natural in the social space and quietly reaping the brand loyalty rewards. It has long been proposed that content is king, but as the gap between television and internet as entertainment channels closes, those brands who genuinely provide entertaining or thought provoking content of real value will form a deeper connection with their markets. If the days of brands as genuine producers of television/internet programming are not yet upon us, they’re just around the corner.

The clip treads the fine line of absolute authenticity and is a little preachy in parts, but overall pulls-it-off and passes the pure entertainment test. With around 5m views so-far and as an entry point to a broader social campaign, Nike can well sit back and consider this a brand building investment with great return.


Life…worth living?
As Casey puts it ever so simply “Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all”. With the launch of Nike’s new Fuel Band, seen in the previous blog post Nike Fuelstation Reinventing Retail Spac and Product Interaction, Nike are reinventing and evolving into something more meaningful. New brand storytelling techniques are layering Nike’s brand touch points and experiences, allowing the brand to become more than just a product brand. Casey Neistats work ‘Make It Count‘ is very exciting. Neistat places emphasis on the beautiful truth that everyone is a life participate and it is worth celebrating.

Tim Wood
Design Creative
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