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Building Flexibility into your Web Site
There are so many digital devices on the market today that one can get swept away quickly trying to provide various website versions to cater for the vast amount of screen sizes; especially when we are trying to provide a Mobile version of a website for clients. Enter ‘Responsive Design’ where you design/develop a flexible website and control how it reacts depending on what size of  browser window that is trying to render it.

Responsive Design isn’t really new. Think about the ‘resize event’ in flash that altered the layout and proportions of elements (movie clips), when the browser window was resized. I like to call it ‘Designing for Context’; where your content adapts to its surroundings.

‘Media Queries’ which are added inside  a website’s CSS stylesheet give instructions to the browser to control certain elements’ size, display and general layout. You can add several different queries to your stylesheet, to control how and at what screen width, your design will adapt. A simple favorite of ours can be found here at Click on the link and enjoy watching as the content repurposes itself as you resize the browser window.

If you’d like to find out more about how ‘Responsive Design’ will enhance your next web project get in touch with us, or with Chris directly. We’d be only too happy to help demystify digital for you and your brand.

This post was written by Chris Ongarello, Managing Director of Digital Whiteboard.
Digital Whiteboard was established to help businesses and brands understand and leverage the power of the digital landscape. Focusing on concept and strategy to deliver measurable (ROI). Digital Whiteboard achieve this by working with enthusiastic people who share a common goal to create amazing innovative solutions to challenges.
Like Truly Deeply, Digital Whiteboard are part of E3, the global network of independent branding, marketing and digital agencies. As the official E3 agency for Liechtenstein, Digital Whiteboard has direct access to over 500 international specialists. They get unique know-how and global insights from different markets, sectors and disciplines. Depending on need they integrate E3 international specialists into their projects.

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