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The Undervalued Power of Employer Branding
Recently Truly Deeply was invited to join E3 – the pre­mier global net­work of inde­pen­dent brand strat­egy and com­mu­ni­ca­tion agen­cies. E3 con­sist of thirty spe­cial­ist brand and com­mu­ni­ca­tions agen­cies with offices in thirty five cities across twenty six coun­tries — a truly global presence.

Whilst in Prague at the E3 Annual general Meeting recently we met many of the E3 agencies as we began to explore the array of talent and experience represented by the network. Of particular interest was an agency called BBC, located in Antwerp, Belgium. BBC is a specialist B2B marketing agency with a particular bent for HR and Employer Branding.

BBC’s team of 24 people work with an array of some of Europe’s best known brands including; Pfizer, Durabrik, Securitas, Argenta, BASE and Makro / Metro in the HR branding space. BBC’s capabilities entail:

B2B Branding & Marketing Expertise
The B2B purchase and sales processes are entirely different from those related to consumer goods. Business-to-business products and services often have the annoying characteristic of requiring additional explanation. And not just to one person but often to a group of people that have an impact on the purchasing decision. BBC offers the expertise of communication consultants to develop a communication strategy that fits a B2B environment. BBC’s creative staff is accustomed to thinking in terms of the customer’s idea to be able to present more complex products in a distinct
and fresh manner.

HR & Employer Communication
HR Communication has passed the basic stage of classical advertising. Applicants don’t merely base their choice on ads. They browse the company’s website and also search the rest of the web for testimonials about employers, the career opportunities at the company and its corporate culture.
In cooperation with the HR department, BBC builds an Employee Value Proposition which serves as a guideline for internal and recruitment communication. The communication consultants and creative staff at BBC translate the proposition into a concept that is lived both internally and externally. An employer brand is born. BBC masters the full communication mix, offering extensive expertise in the field of advertising, direct marketing, sales support, event communication (trade shows, ‘technology days’, product launches, client meetings, seminars…) and personal selling.
In every campaign we fully integrate online communication whether it is branding, lead generation or HR communication.

“As markets in every corner of the world become more competitive, perhaps the last genuine opportunity for businesses to differentiate is through attracting and retaining the very best talent. With this in mind the role of HR or Employer Branding is without doubt more critical to organisations than ever before – businesses who have developed a strategic approach to attracting talent hold a distinct advantage over their competitors. – David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

Five reasons why Employer Branding is indispensable in Business

01. War for talent continues
As the war for talent continues in times of economic difficulty, attracting and retaining the right people becomes even harder and even more essential. Good employees are key to your business’ growth; and it’s not just about finding the right talent in terms of skills and education. Finding people that match your company DNA, your culture, goals, ambition and values is vital for retainment as well. This DNA lies at the heart of your employer brand.

02. Not every company is Apple or Redbull
Amazon, Apple, Redbull, Google – who would not want to work for them? But only rarely is a company’s brand strong enough to make people start their careers there because of its famous product or service. Most companies need a carefully and truthfully crafted employer brand to attract, recruit and retain the right people. That is why an employer brand needs its very own approach and has its very own dynamics.

03. Retaining good employees is essential
The only way to recruit and retain the right people is by aligning your external and internal communication efforts. A successful employer brand is truthful: it realistically conveys the way employers and candidates experience the company, but does so in a creative way that speaks to the imagination. It’s all about making the right promises – and then keeping them. That is why employer branding helps aligning management, marketing, HR and business.
04. Talent ‘shops’ for employers
As more employers fish in the same talent pond, talent itself looks around before deciding where to work, more than ever. It Googles companies, asks friends for opinions and experiences with employers, people share working experiences easily – offline and online. This means you have to be ‘found’ as an employer with your side of the story: employer branding ensures your employer value proposition (EVP) is authentically and evenly communicated and found across all channels.

05. It makes recruitment more efficient
As candidates become increasingly aware of who you are as an employer, recruitment becomes more efficient and cost-effective in time. You’ll benefit from a larger candidate pool, employees are more likely to become ambassadors which causes employee engagement and referrals to increase. It will take less time and effort to hire the right candidates and you’ll spend less time dealing with non-matching profiles.

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