Truly Deeply creates a consolidated brand identity for VCGS

Victorian Clinical Genetics Service (VCGS) is a subsidiary company of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and delivers both clinical and laboratory services. They do this through a multidisciplinary team of clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, laboratory scientists, metabolic physicians, social workers and support staff.

In the past, confusion existed both to internal staff and external patients regarding who VCGS were, what they did and how they linked to MCRI and Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). The brand has been through a handful of identity and name changes since its inception in 1986. However these changes added to the confusion as there was a lack of one clearly articulated brand. Marketing efforts had been unfocussed and piecemeal and past identities failed to reflect the invaluable work that the organization does.

As the market of genetic services has become more competitive it was important for VCGS to establish one strong, cohesive brand to identify and differentiate themselves. Moving to the recently built RCH location created the perfect opportunity for a new start with a fresh and relevant brand strategy and unifying brand identity.

David Amor FRACP PhD, Director of VCGS said; “Defining a brand for a not-for-profit health service that delivers both genetic counselling services and cutting edge genetics is no easy task. Throw in a diverse leadership team with their own strong opinions about how our organisation should be positioned, and you have a room full of…different ideas. Although the brand space is not our expertise, we are passionate about our work and proud of our history. Truly Deeply led us through the process brilliantly. They made what could have been a complicated process simple with their clarity of vision. They helped us to identify commonalities across different parts of our service, bringing to the top line our excellence in genetics and our compassion for patients, which was then articulated and executed as a refreshed brand.”

The outcome of the strategic brand workshops for VCGS positioned the organisation with the brand essence of ‘Cutting edge genetic science, delivered with compassion’ and this strongly led the visual cues of the identity. “We created the VCGS brand identity specifically to bring to life the brand essence with a combination of aesthetic influences and brand messaging. We understood the importance of the work VCGS does for our community and wanted to bring to life the compassion and science of this. The brand icon is a visualisation of the people behind genetic science and can be interpreted in several ways, giving the brand flexibility and longevity. The identity was created to provide a visual mark of the new direction the organisation is heading while referencing the brands heritage and working in harmony with its partner brands. The colour palette for the graphic device transitions through the MCRI colours, strengthening the tie to MCRI without taking away from the softness of the identity.” says Tim Wood, Lead Designer.

The results of the brand refresh has repositioned VCGS as a cohesive brand that is more memorable, appealing and emotionally engaged to all stakeholders.

Dr Amor goes on to say, “From three seperate but simlar sub-brands, we now have one strong identity that clearly articulates who we are – VCGS: Leaders in Genetic Health. The Truly Deeply team impressed us at all times with their enthusiasm and professionalism. Their ability to listen and engage with our staff created an atmosphere that encouraged a vibrant exchange of ideas, and led us to an exceptional outcome”.

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Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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