Zombies, Run! – Aps Showing Brands how to Innovate

Pealing yourself of the couch and heading out for a run is not always the easiest thing to do after a hard days work, but the threat of a Zombie invasion is sure to help you on the way to those elusive abs. This innovative game is a total winner, getting you fit and keeping you interested.

Zombies, Run! combines real time game design with your running feats. It takes you through a series of missions, that when completed, let you access new missions and build your fortified civilisation. We typically see the virtual world sensationalise real world events, allowing the gamer to advance in situations far surpassing physical limitations, but Zombies, Run! reverses this common trend and real life feats are rewarded in a virtual setting. This reversing of the status-quo often allows for creative and innovative solutions. Joachim Sauter a New media Artist who pushes motion graphics past computers and creates kinetic sculptures in the real world, uses similar principles to create the moving image without LED’s, that falls somewhere in-between tradition and high-tech.

The story of building the app is one to be admired in itself. The creators originally conceived the the app without funding, they reached out to the online creative community of kick-starter.com and raised way over their intended budget goals.

Zombie, Run! is a great example of how creative thought and innovation can create new markets and opportunities for brands.

Lachlan McDougall

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