A(nother) Stand-out Brand Idea from Lego

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One of the things I love about the Lego brand is their ‘Challenger’ mindset. Even though they have a market position and brand equity their competitors can only dream of, they have an endless appetite for creating brand expressions that capture the spirit and wonder of their brand’s core essence. So-much-so that the line between company driven brand communications, and those that are created simply because of the role the brand plays in our lives has permanently blurred. German artist megx recently transformed a train overpass in Wuppertal, Germany into a bridge constructed of Lego blocks. I haven’t been able to connect the dots to uncover whether this is an act of brand communication or unsponsored brand love. Either way – I’m a big fan.

When designing a brand identity for our clients, we are always focused on developing visual brand assets – colours, shapes and symbols that they can own and leverage to create brand equity through all of their visual brand expressions. Even though many competitors have challenged Lego over the years, the shapes and colours of their product have become visual brand assets, instantly recognized wherever and whenever they appear.

challenger branding agency

Dave Ansett,
Creator of Challenger Brands

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Spotted on Design Taxi
I’m sorry we don’t have any credits for the photography – happy to assign credit if anyone can forward me the details.

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