Bold Brand Experience – The York Minster Cathedral gets Turfed

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A Big, Bold Brand Communication Idea
Recently I came across this left field brand experience from the Greenery Installation branch Wow! Grass! of UK turf company Lindum. We regularly hear from clients across all categories that creating anything remarkable in today’s crowded world is beyond the reach of every day businesses from both a resource and cost perspective. What I love most about this ripping example of brand communication from the UK, is that it demonstrates that the only thing required is a big, bold idea to propel any business and their brand to the world stage.

Lindrum’s big bold idea was to cover the nave of the York Minster with a layer of their turf product. One of the features of their product is the ability to grow turf regardless of the quality of the soil base. The company starts their roll-able plant sheets from a felt structure formed from recycled textiles. The Lindrum team laid-down a base of plastic plastic before rolling-out the turf, transforming the Gothic structure’s nave into a green pasture. The 16,000 square foot grass grass planting was part of the York Minster Rose Dinner to benefit the cathedral’s monetary collection organization, the York Minster Fund, for the continued upkeep of the 1,000 year old structure.

In a classic win/win, everyone involved came-out on top. Which leaves me wondering if perhaps the thing in shortest supply for the world’s businesses is some good, old fashioned creative thinking.

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Dave Ansett, Bran­da­men­tal­ist
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