Grower’s Cup – Changing the way we brew coffee

As a coffee lover, I am quite particular about how my coffee is made. When someone asks me if I want a coffee, the first thing I question is whether it is real coffee from an espresso machine. I can’t stomach instant coffee.

Now, Grower’s Cup is trying to change this perception and convince us “real coffee lovers don’t use machines”. Is this a real game changer for coffee or just another fad?

The idea for how to make real coffee without a machine is not new. From coffee plungers to coffee bags – there are plenty of ways to make a cup of coffee if you don’t have a machine. Now, Grower’s Cup, believe they have “probably the most innovative and revolutionary coffee concept seen for decades”.

Grower’s Cup is a really smart Danish brand that are proudly claiming they are in launching “a battle with the big boys and all their machines.”


The strength of this brand is absolute clarity about who they are and what they stand for. Their values of ‘funcquality, freedombility, social being and honesty’ maybe a little bit cringe-worthy (if you are a bit over the trend to create new compound words) but if you read the meaning behind them, they are solid and inspiring.

Better still, their innovative approach to coffee is strengthened by the rich brand stories built around their ‘anytime, anywhere’ philosophy and real life ‘coffee moments’.


I love this bold celebration of doing things differently and changing perceptions in a very competitive industry.

It is this challenger mentality; true authenticity and sheer passion that is helping them stand out from thousands of others in the coffee market.

While it might never really replace a good espresso, the idea of great coffee anywhere is a sure to be a winner for those who love the outdoors.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a change to try it (it’s not available in Australia yet). The taste will certainly be crucial to convince me to shift my perception of how a good cup of coffee is made. The process of cutting the pack open and pouring it also looks a bit fiddly – but the brand certainly has my interest!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried it.

Michael Hughes
Director of Brand Strategy


  1. Great article Michael. Nothing I love more than a challenger brand looking to break the long established rules and perceptions of a category. Whether Growers Cup is successful or not – I salute the attempt to disrupt the market.

  2. Its a great idea and I love that they are challenging the perceptions of what a great cup of coffee should and could be.
    Yet it is a shame that a brand with such an innovative concept and challenger mentality lets itself down with a dated visual language and weak identity.

    A statement as powerful as “Changing the way we brew coffee” should be expressed through every facet of the brand.

    • Hi Jack, you make a great point. If a brand is truly obsessive about changing the world of coffee, then it surely must take an innovative approach to every aspect of the brand experience. There is a wasted opportunity here to explore the visual language of Coffee0.2

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