Look at the world a little differently

Headlines and news content worldwide are all too often about events that have gone bad, disasters, deaths, political nonsense and tabloid gossip. ‘Negative news’ over saturates the media and teaches the viewer to automatically expect the worse. Disasters are easy to report on, they get quick emotional responses from viewers and contain drama at levels not normally experienced in day to day life. But how long can one continually be bombarded with bad news & bad scandals?

I want to try something simple. Look at the above image, sit on it for a minute…..and then I want you to guess
what happens next…..

I bet you thought something bad was going to happen right?

The human spirit can change the world, lets promote it’s successes a little more.
The human spirit is capable of many things, landing on the moon and splitting the atom a couple of the big ones, but it is the humane one percent-ers within the world’s day-to-day that create what is unique and truly worth celebrating.


Look at the world a little differently.
As you would have found out by now the above video is an advertisement for Coca-Cola. Although this style of advertising is somewhat not that new, it is the simple honesty in the random human acts that touches the heart. Positive news expressed differently can be powerful and meaningful, leading the way for positive change in the world.

Look at your day differently, it doesn’t cost you anything to.

Tim Wood
Design Creative


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  1. Great blog Tim. Brands have always tried to connect to something that makes us feel good. I agree that Coke have taken it to the next level with this campaign. By connecting to a higher purpose they just might have transcended advertising.

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