Lost In Translation – A Challenge for Brands Planning to Go-Global

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Funny for some – not for Global Brands
I came across this hilariously creative add recently for Berlitz English Language Schools. After my initial chuckles of laughter had died-away I was left with a sense of how poignantly the ad illustrated the challenge for brands going global


The challenge for brands who wish to operate across international markets is to connect with relevance to the local market, whilst being part of a global organization. The term most commonly used to describe this approach to branding is ‘Glocal’, a clever work that belies the complexity of the task.

Each market – even within the Western World – has significant enough local nuances to make even the sharpest of brand strategies miss the mark. Once you begin to consider markets such as China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few, the complexities magnify considerably. The most effective global brands are those that have an overarching brand definition that provides a relevant perspective across all markets, but then individual expressions of that brand thinking within each market. The expression must cover all executions from evocative brand language to relevant creative campaigns, from packaging and brand identity design to digital experience. Whilst the concept seems logical enough, the real trick is finding an agency who has the unique structure and experience to deliver.

Here at Truly Deeply we recently joined E3 – the premier global network of independent branding, advertising, marketing and digital agencies. The reason we are so stoked to have been selected to join E3 is due to their thirty agencies spread across twenty five countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia, the breadth of specialist marketing expertise and experience represented by those agencies, and the collaborative mindset of the group. Within E3 we recognized the perfect framework of agency collaboration to deliver on this very challenge – helping brands achieve success in multiple geographic markets through a combination of overarching global brand strategy supported by localized brand expression.

If you’re thinking about launching your brand into fresh markets, we’d be only too happy to show you the way.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands

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