Chemist Warehouse radio remixed, finally

It has taken them a year, but it seems that Chemist Warehouse has finally seen the light and dropped the all 90s format and will target their programming towards their audience.

Perhaps they can now finally deliver a brand-inspired radio station and a valuable brand gesture for their audience that was promised a year ago.

In July last year, I posted a blog about Chemist Warehouse buying naming rights to ARN’s DAB+ radio station, Mix 90s and asked; “Has Chemist Warehouse got the Mix right”?.

While I saw this as a potential opportunity for a great brand gesture, I felt they had missed the mark significantly. By simply buying naming rights to predetermined radio format (an all 90s music format in particular), they achieved very little brand value for Chemist Warehouse shoppers.

Now, they have opportunity to create something that is relevant and valuable for the audience.

The new station has been rebranded as ‘Chemist Warehouse Remix’.

The is still a bit of a mouthful, but according to Radio Today, “the playlist will now broaden to include all types, from all era’s”.

It appears that ARN and Chemist Warehouse’s advertising agency Quattro Group have finally realised a customised radio format is needed to truly engage with the Chemist Warehouse audience – exactly what they should’ve done from day one.

Peter Quattro, CEO of Quattro Group told Radioinfo the new format will be “engaging and it’s targeted; a win-win.”

Hopefully now, Chemist Warehouse can deliver a true brand gesture to their audience, enhancing the shopping experience, instead of just providing instore noise.

However, it isn’t just the music that needs to remixed, I am keen to see how they develop engaging content that enriches the shopping experience.

This will need appeal to the broad range of Chemist Warehouse customers but also be time spent instore and the customer’s paths to purchase. Music and advertisements alone do not really add much value to the customer shopping experience.

ARN are apparently keeping the Mix 90s format on DAB+, but it will be decoupled from the Chemist Warehouse brand – this is probably a win for both 90s music lovers and Chemist Warehouse.

Michael Hughes
Director of Brand Strategy


  1. Hi,
    I like Remix but I hope you’ll keep playing the 90’s music that you were playing as I love hearing 90’s music.I love the song “High” by Lighthouse Family that Nick Condon and Alan Logan play for me.
    From Jono and Ben

  2. i still listen to CWR regularly on my car radio, except around christmas, i have an aversion to christmas music being played from the start of november.
    the mix is pretty good, though oft repeated day to day, but as a driver to get to jobs, my radio flicks from CWR, easy and River 94.9 ipswich.

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