Pippin Barr The Artist is Present – Marina Abramovic

Pippin Barr is a Video Game Artist. He creates unique, whimsical avant garde games from traditional 8-bit graphics. The Artist is Present re-creates the experience of the performance art work of Marina Abramović at MoMA.

The games uniqueness comes from using real time in a virtual world. Which means waiting in the real world outside a virtual MoMA gallery for 15 hours and if you are living in a different time zone setting an alarm for 5am.

Pippin Barr take on modern gaming is refreshingly unique and it is worth having a listen to this radio show which discusses building ‘the gaming experience’ into social media. Where humans are rewarded points from a game, which seem to be important, to strengthen emotional attachment to virtual and social media platforms.

Lachlan McDougall

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