Terada Mokei – Small Ideas get Big Smiles

Terada Mokei is an Architect who runs Terada Designs. Though his journey as a creative he stumbled upon a niche product, designing whimsical Architectural Model Accessories. Not content with just making models of the building he designs, he wanted to put in as much love into the people who inhabit his model buildings. A discovery that transformed his scaled buildings into animated stories.

The moment when Terada released how important these little details matter was when presenting to a client “the first thing they would say was something to the effect of “Oh, you’ve recreated the whole family!” or “That’s our dog in the garden!” In essence, it wasn’t the architecture they were thrilled to see but the accessories. That brought out the little devil in me, and I took pleasure in posing the figures I would show the clients. Through the shapes and poses of the accessory figures, I believe that the architectural goal of bringing happiness fulfilled. Thus, the accessory kits are not architecture. So even without architecture, if people can be happy with the accessories, then I am happy as an architect.” What remains true is a good story, is a good story.

Since then his Architectural Accessories have taken on a life of their own. Depicting scenes of swimming, gymnastics and even Amsterdam. As creators of brands, it is a great reminder to discovering the little joys of a project. And if Terada saying of “An architect’s calling is to make people happy through architecture”, then a brand designers calling is to make people happy through design.

Lachlan McDougall
Design Creative

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