Retail Branding – Aesop & Lucy McRae create the film: Morphe

Aesop has commissioned artist Lucy McRae to create a short film for the relaunch of the website. The film explores “science and beauty in a speculative tale that embodies thematic aspects of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty.” Is a very interesting piece from an organisation so careful with how the brand is expressed. While visually interesting is it right for consumer point of Sale?

While I applaud the way Aesop as a brand supports and connects to the arts. And I love the sometime playful brand extension products they develop. I feel this short jars with the brand they have grown so carefully over the years. The film is an amalgam of fashionable title sequences style and ‘science as creation’ popular culture.

But that’s the problem I have with it. It’s more that it portrays the company as obsessed with a false and unattainable perfection. One that can only be created by scientists in a lab. It feels disconnected from the brands audience and customers. Have a look and see how you feel:


Derek Carroll
Design Director



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