Our new visual identity for jewellery brand NAJO – A Truly Creative Collaboration

Truly Deeply recently launched the new brand positioning and identity design for Australian jewellery brand NAJO. The new brand was launched along with their latest collection, Fiesta, at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne providing Australian retailers a glimpse of NAJO’s new image.

Working with NAJO’s founders and designers, we developed the strategy for the brand moving forward and a stunning new brand identity – applied to packaging, brochures and marketing collateral and directing a refresh of the jewellery brand’s website.

“NAJO has been around as a brand for years and has a band of loyal fans, but we felt the way they presented themselves to market was underselling the design elegance and craftsmanship of the product” explains David Ansett, Founder and Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply. “We saw an opportunity to more effectively express the true essence of NAJO, and to position the brand in their rightful place in the hearts and minds of the market.”

The brand identity design is based around an ellipsis symbol which embraces NAJO’s heritage and reflects their design philosophy of creating new narratives for their customers. Through the photography style, stories that inspire each collection play out in evocative film-like scenes expressing different moments in the Mexican culture while still maintaining a contemporary feel. Personal stories manifest when the consumer engages with the packaging, which follows the form of a book, encouraging the owner to create their own stories and memories.

“For some 25 years Najo has been known for its innovation and finesse in jewellery design, yet we never knew how to define and convey that in an articulate way. Truly Deeply has given us a language. The process of rebranding has been fascinating. The Truly Deeply team understood our history and pinpointed our essence immediately. They gave us a story that has longevity and everything was designed according to that story. It was an extremely thoughtful process.” Commented Jo Tory, NAJO Founder.

NAJO creates a range of jewellery styles. Their latest collection, Fiesta is an exuberant and mysterious mix of pieces that celebrate femininity. Blending bold, contemporary designs with traditional symbols, this collection mixes darkly oxidized and shining sterling silver with colourful semi-precious stones, intricate patterning and captivating traditional charms to bring a sense of occasion and a timeless elegance to these charismatic pieces.

“Working in a true creative collaboration can be a double edged sword” added Ansett. “There is a challenge to find a meeting point of creative minds, but also the opportunity to stretch our design team as well as the clients’ in the process. The brand definition work provided a shared context from which we could freely explore creative directions together whilst still delivering the strongest possible commercial outcome.”

Tory continues; “The results are outstanding. We now have a complete visual language and brand framework. We have an elegant brandmark, a beautiful colour palette, a stunning pattern that has great identity, superb packaging and exceptional photographic imagery. Truly Deeply has underpinned our identity and has helped to elevate our brand to a very sophisticated level.”

Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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