Simple, yet inspiring photography

Carl Kleiner, a photographer out of Sweden is know for taking inanimate objects and bringing them to life in his photography projects. “I’m a collector of different materials, and I have a lot of samples arranged in my studio window. I re-arrange them every now and then – it is like my Japanese garden.” says Carl. I saw his latest project which takes inspiration from lollipops and ice-creams (mmm…) and found myself trawling the web for more of his images and what I came across was simply inspirational.

He works with loads of different mediums, bringing them all to life in unique, beautiful and sometimes even creepily life like ways.

He’s worked with a fellow Swedish company – fashion brand, Minimarket, with Sony, with IKEA (for their cook book), and with handfuls of stylists including Evelina Bratell and Blend Magazine.

Carl’s photographs are beautifully composed and so simple. He produces the type of work that looks so simple we probably all think we could do it…but can’t. I love the life and personality in his shots, the patterns, the colours.

I would highly recommend finding more from this very impressive artist/photographer as I struggled to only choose a handful of images to show you here!

Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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