Beer camouflage – brand personality at its best

As you can imagine working at a brand strategy and design agency means that we are constantly discovering new and innovative ways to help our clients stand out in their cluttered marketplaces.  As passionate advocates for challenger brands, we look for ways to challenge the status quo and disrupt categories in the bid to help our clients bring their brand’s personality to life with a powerful brand statement. One brand who has brand personality in spades, is Cerveza Andes beer.  Andes has long been the leader beer in Argentina but has managed to take the world by storm with their engaging advertising campaigns.

Initially Andes Beer launched the Teletransporter – a revolutionary invention claiming to be capable of doing something almost impossible: men can now go to a bar and share an Andes beer with friends without having any problems with their girlfriends. Andes Teletransporter Booths were installed at the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina and proved to be hugely successful. As a female, the Andes Teletransporter doesn’t quite have the same appeal and I can’t help but feel a little put out at such a blatant ‘girlfriend deception’ tool however I can’t deny that it is an incredible way to engage with the brand’s target audience.

The second campaign, “Friend Recovery,” portrayed a doll with a screen instead of a face, which was installed in various bars in Argentina. It allowed the “lost friends” to log in through a webpage, so they could be “present” at the bar while actually hanging out with their girlfriends. Check out the clip below for a run down of the campaign.

This year, Andes were back again with a cheeky invention that prevents your last beer from falling into the wrong hands.   ‘Andes Camouflager’, offers a series of unappealing items that consumers could use to disguise their last bottle of beer so it won’t get taken by somebody else. The beer can be hidden inside ordinary fridge items such as fake squashes, mouldy loaves of bread, bowls of broccoli and and cartons of rice milk.  The previous stunts were strategically placed in bars – what’s interesting is that this time the brand experience extends to the home.  During the month of February people could claim their own beer camouflage via the brand’s facebook page.  This practical advertising offers consumers added value as they could go to the brand’s Facebook page to get their own ‘camouflager.’ You can check out the ad below:

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Strategy 

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