Vinomofo has a big bold brand personality

The best brands work at having a distinctive brand personality. They are also clever enough to know that you cannot be all things to all people. You need to understand your target market intimately and then create a personality that they connect with. Entrepreneur Andre Eikmeier knows it better than most. When he turned his mind to a business selling wine (a natural extension from his popular wine review blog Qwoff), instead of opening a traditional wine shop or a standard online store, he decided to try out the daily deals model, hence Vinomofo was born. Vinomofo works using the daily deals model popularised by group buying website Groupon. Every day its subscribers receive an email offering a small selection of wines at discounted prices.

This year, Vinomofo caught the eye of the James Packer-backed Catch Of The Day, which last month acquired a majority stake in the company. On the day of the announcement they sold 2,500 cases of wine and their subscriber base grew from 30,000 to 100,000 overnight.  But Vinomofo offers more than wine as a means of connecting. It projects a personality that oozes a confidence aligned to urban digital natives. It has attitude and confidence, but importantly a sense of humour that says we take our business seriously but not ourselves.

Most of us have sat through a good number of boring corporate brand videos in our time, so if you would like some inspiration for something a little different, or just a little comic relief for the day, have a sticky at the following ‘about the fo’ video:

There you go, a little bit of personality and here I am promoting their ware.
Have one on me.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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