A retail first for e-shopping

Tomorrow will see the launch of Target’s new and innovative way to shop electronically. Customers in the United States will have the option to shop directly from a short film specifically made for the retail chain. Featuring Kristen Bell, best known for her long standing role in Veronica Mars and directed by Phil Abraham, one of the creative genius’ from Mad Men, Sopranos and Breaking Bad, everything in the series of three short films, from furniture to clothes to beauty products is available for sale at Target.

As Bell points out in a behind the scenes clip “The idea of this kind of technology, that you can buy what you see – that’s it’s so integrated. Somtimes I’ve been watching a movie and thought I really want that couch…Because you have all these beautiful aesthetics infront of you and you kind of want to know how to incorporate them into your life.”

Bell’s co-star, Zachary Abel talks of the ease of use in shopping this way, “What you’re watching in the movie, you can actually shop. So you can click on it. Boom! It’s going to be in your cart and it’s going to show up on your doorstep.”

See the trailer below.


This truly delivers on US Target’s brand mission – “to be your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling our Expect More. Pay Less.® brand promise”.

Viewers will have the ability to shop and share every item they see in the short films. This is a first for both Target and the retail world and I’m sure many other competitors in this market will be eagerly watching on to see the results. I know I will.

Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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