Choose your own adventure with Mercedes

Remember the choose-your-own-adventure books where at the end of each chapter you got to make the exciting decision of what happened next? Mercedes Benz has just released its latest audience engagement campaign along the same lines, using a digital format.

Using hashtags on Twitter, viewers had the chance to vote for what happened next in a three part story about a music star being driven to a secret gig that the police were threatening to shut down. The #YOUDRIVE interactive campaign which targeted a younger audience with its A-Class series is yet another unique consumer engagement program which seems to be all the rage with brands at the moment. Engaging an audience through an authentic manner gives stronger and more favourable brand associations. Mercedes-Benz UK’s marketing director, David George, said: “The new A-Class represents a new younger, more dynamic Mercedes-Benz brand, which is reflected in this campaign. It’s a modern Mercedes-Benz that encourages people to do what we know they enjoy; to get involved. In doing so, we hope to really cut through, and create a positive, lasting impression on their view of the brand.”

The campaign was followed up with viewers getting the chance to win one the new cars by simply spotting the date of the secret gig that was revealed thorughout the three-piece story. You’ve still got a chance to enter…


Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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