Dance Dance… Coke's Quirky Korean Consumer Engagement Campaign

Another Fresh Branding Trend from Korea
Think vending machine meshed with Dance Dance Revolution. Add a Korean audience (who love to dance) and you’ve got Coca Cola’s latest consumer engagement campaign. A Coca Cola vending machine with a built in interactive display screen has been installed in a theatre complex in Korea and is encouraging passer-bys to dance in exchange for a bottle of the product. The better you are, the more Coke you get.

Endorsed by 2PM, a Korean all boy pop band who have been signed to the Coca Cola brand since 2010, the machine has been designed to ‘provide you energizing refreshment’. Coca Cola are particularly clever at this sort of engagement and knowing which audience will actually get involved – and not just stand there embarrassed. Choosing the right method of engagement through popular crazes like dancing is also something the brand is great at (maybe next it will be Gangnam Style!). Also understanding what might work in Korea is not necessarily something that is going to work in Dubai or London or Istanbul has been a vital part of the global brand’s strategy and success at engaging audiences worldwide.

Consumer engagement is just one method to reinforce a positive brand image by creating an emotional response from the audience. This is not Coca Cola’s first engagement program of this type. During the FIFA World Cup in 2010, they had a less interactive version where the audience were encouraged to dance to the World Cup anthem on a flat, yoga type matt with built in movement sensors. Again, the participant was rewarded with the product. There was also the double sized vending machine which was so tall it meant you had to get a friend to boost you up to be able to slot a coin in. And the reward? Two bottles of Coke; one for you and your friend. Do you see a theme arising here? Engagement rewarded with branded product.

Sandy Muir 
Director of Brand Projects

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