Oreo's 100 Year Daily Twist Campaign

Growing up in the States meant I have long been a fan of the Oreo biscuit and at 100 years old, Kraft Foods’ Oreo seems younger than ever. The brand’s current “Daily Twist” campaign which has a new playful and relevant ad launched each day for nearly 100 days, has made the cream-stuffed sandwich a social-media hit. It kicked off on June 25th, with a polarizing image of the cookie, septuple-stuffed with rainbow filling to celebrate Gay Pride Month.  A bold move for a brand that topped $2 billion in revenue last year. Since then, they have released a Shark Week Oreo, a Mars Rover Oreo and a tribute to panda Shin-Shin’s newborn cub.

This year marks 100 years for Kraft Food’s Oreo biscuit and the centennial celebration kicked off in March with its “History” print campaign, which enlisted the cookie to depict historical milestones. That effort showed the cookie’s historic relevance while “Twist” contemporizes it in the context of current events.  The brand’s birthday mission, said marketing director Cindy Chen, has been to “help everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside.” Like the “History” campaign before it, “Daily Twist” aims to filter the world through the “playful imagination of Oreo.”


Later in the year Oreo launched its ‘Daily Twist’ campaign which will cap off on October 2nd with a live, crowd-sourced ’twist.’  The last, 100th ad will be created during a few hours on Oct. 2, from a virtual advertising office in New York City’s Times Square, using input from the brand’s Twitter followers and Facebook fans.  This campaign finale represents an opportunity for the brand to get fans involved and let them see the process that goes into concepting and creating an ad while, according to Cindy Chen, marketing director for Oreo at Kraft Foods, ‘showing the world how relevant this brand is now.’  What will fans choose? Relevant moments in history on October 2nd include Gandhi’s birthday (1869), the first publishing of the Peanuts cartoon in 1950, and Johnny Carson’s first hosting gig of The Tonight Show in 1962. And of course in 2012, Oreo’s last ‘Daily Twist.’

Some might mistake “Daily Twist” as a print effort, because at its heart are simple yet striking images. But Ms. Chen said it is ultimately a social and digital campaign to engage the brand’s growing population of fans: 27.7 million on Facebook alone. There’s a dedicated site, brands.nabisco.com/Oreo/dailytwist, as well as a presence on You Tube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook. The content choices are designed to spark conversation and sharing.  “Consumption of media has shifted quite a bit to digital, social and mobile. To be on pace with that is really important for the brand to continue to grow; that’s why the Daily Twist program was born,” said Ms. Chen.

Ms. Chen said that since the campaign’s launch, Oreo has seen a 110% growth in fan interaction per social-media post – defined as any combination of shares, likes or comments. The company averaged 7,000 per post before the “Daily Twist” launch. After, they reached an average of 14,700.  Yet, to the chagrin of fans wanting to taste the Oreo rainbow, “we do not have any plans to create “Daily Twist’-inspired cookies,” she said. Unrelated to Daily Twist, however, Oreo did on Monday unveil this unusual Halloween-inspired treat: Candy Corn Oreo.


With so many brands unsure of how to effectively use social media to engage with their customers, I think there are a number of lessons to be gained from the Daily Twist campaign.  Not only does the campaign incorporate truly engaging and on brand advertising creative, but it uses social media in a way that effectively leverages what these mediums are designed to do; to engage in a two way conversation.

If you are interested in incorporating social media into your brand but are not sure how, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects 


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