The Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything  is a traveling museum that discoverers unintentional and untrained artists. Setting up shop in some of the most culturally interesting parts of Europe like Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg, London and Paris. Since 2009 it has attracted over 300,000 people to peak into the minds of the raw, untrained artist, with works ranging from the sublime to the uncomfortable, from the inspired to the awkward.

Founder James Brett has uncovered over a 100 underground artists, and more importantly, given them an audience. But the true inspired genius is how The Museum of Everything has communicated its story. Part reality show, part renegade artist all wrapped up as a whimsical moving art show. The videos are shot and edited delightfully and the still photography of the people and places capture a sense of discovery, giving a snap shot into the lives of the locals and the  universal artist.

Embrace the inner artist and take a moment to have a look through some of the images of this heart felt project, executed brilliantly.


Lachlan McDougall

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