Is your Brand Living in a Vision or Living in Circumstances?

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An Inspiring Sports Speech Resonates Powerfully for Brand Owners
Recently the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano gave an inspirational post-game speech to his team. But it was no ordinary speech. Battling leukemia, Chuck left hospital for the day to go and watch his young team play. The speech he delivered in the rooms post game was not only inspiring for the team, but revolved around a theme equally as powerful for brand owners and managers – that we too often get caught-up in our circumstances and lose sight of our vision.

The Colts represent an organization with what we call a Challenger Mindset. They have a young team that no-body expected to challenge for the championship at seasons beginning. The Colts with Chuck Pagano as their figurehead combine the traits of a Real and Human Challenger with those of a Visionary Challenger – and the results are remarkable. Chuck’s ability to communicate this powerful philosophy has caught the imagination and passion of his team, with players shaving their heads in a powerful show of support and unity. An beyond the Colts, his speech has galvanized fans from other NFL teams giving the Colts what might be the strongest following in the league. A powerful demonstration of what can be achieved within any organization by a leader with courage, passion and vision.

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands

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