Creative Design and Fashion Collaborations

In a market where consumers are demanding more authentic and engaging brand experiences, creative collaborations between artists and fashion designers have become a vehicle for delivering a brand story, increasing prestige and producing visually exciting content and products. History is rich with examples of art influencing how we wear, design, and market fashion. With the recent spate of high profile creative collaborations, the art/fashion nexus has shifted gear and is fast becoming one of the more influential fashion trends.

Brian Rea
American illustrator Brian Rea is a fashion collaboration favourite. His whimsical scribbles have been used by Billabong, Kate Spade and most recently Marni.

Burberry, a brand recognised for its digital innovation – earning the No.1 spot again in the L2 Digital IQ Index – launched Burberry Acoustic in 2010.  The project is a musical collaboration that exposes Burberry’s increasingly international market to emerging English musicians, styled impeccably in Burberry.  The video series provides compelling digital content for Gen Y consumers across the globe and promotes the brands English heritage. Earlier this year, four musicians, endorsed the Burberry Eyewear Summer 2012 campaign with performances and launch parties in key flagships, including Sydney.

Louis Vuitton
Partnerships with prominent artists have been central to Marc Jacobs’ re-invigoration of Louis Vuitton. Artists including Richard Prince, Steven Sprouce and most recently avant-garde Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama have worked with Jacobs to re-interpret the LV monogram.  One of the most celebrated collaborations has been with contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, whose artwork was featured not only on products but incorporated into the labels brand identity worldwide.


Romance was Born
Digital printing provides endless opportunities for art inspired fashion, and there are some great local Australian examples of fashion designers using this technology to showcase the work of visual artists. Romance was Born’s Miraculous Mundane Collection, SS1 2012, included digital prints of Australian landscape paintings by Stephen Bush.

For spring, Gorman designer Lisa Gorman has collaborated with longtime friend and artist Rhys Lee to produce prints for the collection.

Roopa Pemmaraju
Roopa Pemmaraju uses original artworks from renowned indigenous Australian artists in her designs. As part of a series of exclusive short films produced by LMFF, Roopa Pemmaraju, talks about her inspiration.

If you are looking to collaborate with some unique creative minds on your own project, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects

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