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The term ‘Big Data’ has been buzzing around for a while now. It refers to the masses of data flowing around us. IBM estimates that every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created – so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years. Analysing this data is driving both big and small business decisions. Data is coming in the form of Traditional databases and analytics, Call centre logs, Social Media insights and scores, AdWord search results, analytics dashboards and email just to name a few.

In our digital communication world companies can use analytical insight to better target influencers with focused marketing and retention efforts, making better decisions about which offers to make to which customers. Entire marketing budgets are now being based on this type of analytical insight.

In traditional business, data-driven decision making is defined not only by collecting data, but also by how it is used — or not — in making crucial decisions, like whether to create a new product or service. Shifting slightly now is the blend of ‘data and analysis’ and ‘gut feeling and experience’.

New businesses are being created solely around helping customers analyze and manage all this data they now have access to. I would like to finish this short post with a quote from a great blog piece written here by David Karnstedt after attending this years DMEXCO Conference:

“What ties it all together and brings mar­ket­ing to life across both offline and online chan­nels. As I’ve men­tioned, we are see­ing the smartest mar­keters engage in true data acti­va­tion. This is much more than just a look back­wards at what has hap­pened. Data acti­va­tion uses data in real time to influ­ence future out­comes — dri­ving mean­ing­ful busi­ness change and has the power to fore­cast future out­comes. It takes the guess­work out of Media Mix decision-making so mar­keters can focus on cre­ative expe­ri­ences and innovation.

With attri­bu­tion and fore­cast­ing, dig­i­tal and tra­di­tional are com­ing together. We can see how they tie together and how they work. And most impor­tantly, we can see how mar­ket­ing will most likely impact the bot­tom line of the busi­ness tomor­row. As we shift our think­ing around action­able data insights, we will con­tinue to see mar­keters earn and own their seat in the board­room, but, more impor­tantly, we will see the human side of brands reach out and con­nect with indi­vid­u­als beyond any­thing we are see­ing today.”

This post was writ­ten by Chris Ongarello, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Dig­i­tal White­board.
Dig­i­tal White­board was estab­lished to help busi­nesses and brands under­stand and lever­age the power of the dig­i­tal land­scape. Focus­ing on con­cept and strat­egy to deliver mea­sur­able (ROI). Dig­i­tal White­board achieve this by work­ing with enthu­si­as­tic peo­ple who share a com­mon goal to cre­ate amaz­ing inno­v­a­tive solu­tions to challenges.

Like Truly Deeply, Dig­i­tal White­board are part of E3, the global net­work of inde­pen­dent brand­ing, mar­ket­ing and dig­i­tal agen­cies. As the offi­cial E3 agency for Liecht­en­stein, Dig­i­tal White­board has direct access to over 500 inter­na­tional spe­cial­ists. They get unique know-how and global insights from dif­fer­ent mar­kets, sec­tors and dis­ci­plines. Depend­ing on need they inte­grate E3 inter­na­tional spe­cial­ists into their projects.

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